Why You Should Hire A Co-op Student

Why should you hire a co-op student? One of the most exciting opportunities for many post-secondary students is the chance to use their newly acquired skills to solve real-world problems. Learning and understanding theory is one thing, but there is no substitute for practical training. The importance of an internship program to both students and employers cannot be understated. For a student, it’s more than just hands-on experience in their field of study. It’s a chance to create connections, earn money and most importantly a chance to gain on-the-job experience.

To help bridge this gap, many colleges and universities connect their students with employers through co-op programs. Institutions simplify the recruiting process by curating job boards, creating networking opportunities and setting up interviews with employers.

Employer Benefits

For an employer, the benefits of hiring a co-op student outweigh the cons. Although students lack professional work experience, they bring qualities such as eagerness and a drive to create positive change. Feedback provided by interns can also be valuable information because it allows them to view projects from a new perspective. Employers can also hire co-op students to fill temporary positions. Students may also become future employees at the end of their internship if there is a good fit!

Employers may also take advantage of financial support from the government. Numerous programs such as Mitacs, Talent Edge and the Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit provide financial incentives to offset the labour costs of hiring a student. 

Support your community

Businesses play a vital role in the development of communities. When businesses hire interns, they strengthen the local workforce and enhance community engagement with post-secondary institutions. Hire a co-op student today!

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