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TrustD builds connected communities for members to share stuff, exchange knowledge and earn points

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Communities We Connect


Moms  discover neighbours, share items and exchange knowledge

Living Green

Living Green members share items, knowledge and advice


Students create events and share knowledge

Community Centres


Residents explore events and share knowledge


community building coworking space

Coworkers connect to knowledge and skill share



Residents find events and meet their neighbours


Member Profiles

Members create profiles highlighting skills, interests and community participation


Search the marketplace to discover events, items and other posts

Event Creation

Verified and unverified events to support and enrich the community

Knowledge Share

Post knowledge such as funding information, pdfs, URLs and videos

Skill Share

Share skills with other members to help their business grow and thrive

Surveys and Polls

Participate in fun surveys to learn about community initiatives

Volunteer Management

Track volunteer hours and reward members with badges and points

Points and Badges

Earn points and badges for sharing posts and community participation

Vendor Offers

Enjoy discounts from local vendors specific to your community

How TrustD Works

Share Post

Post an item, pdf, or URL to share with community members 

community building search marketplace

Search Marketplace

Members browse the marketplace for items, knowledge, and advice

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Get Notifications

New alerts are sent to member’s mobile phone, desktop, or tablet


What is TrustD?

TrustD creates communities where different types of communities can post events, items to give away or lend to others, knowledge (pdf’s, URL’s), skill share opportunities, and advice to share with members.

How do I share a post on TrustD?

To share a post, you must click on the “Share Item” button in the top left-hand corner of the main navigation menu and fill out the form. Here you can select the type of post (e.g. event, item, knowledge, skills) you would like to share with your community. You need to be a member of a space or community before you are able to post to the marketplace.

When your post has been shared, it will be visible to members of your space or community. You will not be able to see your own post in the marketplace from your account. To view your post, go to “My Account” on the right-hand side of the main navigation menu and select “My Posts.”

How does TrustD facilitate knowledge and skill sharing?

Community members browse the marketplace for knowledge, skills and advice posted by community members.

How much does TrustD cost?

TrustD is free for members and certain types of communities. There is a monthly cost for corporations and vendors. Please contact us for more details.

Help your community thrive and grow

TrustD helps community members connect with each other, create events, share items and exchange knowledge. We help admins and members build sustainable and vibrant communities. Members earn badges and points for sharing with their community that are redeemable at local vendors for discounts.

Contact Us

Contact Us

921-20 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON Canada

+1 (289) 778-2958