Everyone is concerned about climate change and wants to contribute, and recycling is the easiest way to make a massive impact in your community. When residents of a building or condo engage in recycling, they have a positive impact on the environment, and they also help reduce unnecessary expenses related to waste disposal. This is because recycling products result in lesser landfill. By reusing aluminium, paper, glass, plastic and other materials, we are able to cut down on fresh production and eliminate raw material extraction costs and the consequent environmental damage. A superintendent/building manager or even a concerned citizen is a key figure to rally residents of their community to kickstart this in their community.

Here some of the most effective strategies for building managers to encourage their residents to indulge in recycling:

  • Install more convenient recycling bins

Installing more recycling bins and replacing them with regular landfill bins is a great way to reduce the amount of littering in and around the residential community.

  • Educate residents

This is probably the most important step to increase residential engagement. Enlightening the members of the community with the what’s, the why’s, and the how’s of recycling. For starters, creating meaningful posters and displaying them in and around the building or even through fun quizzes so that residents can learn more about recycling ( can provide you these quizzes!). 

  • Target your audiences

Focus all your campaigns and strategies on a set of target residents. This could include all the new tenants of a building, all the non-recyclers, and children. Welcome packages for new tenants or 

recycling bins

  • Recycling Initiatives 

Hosting recycling events are an ideal way to increase residential interaction. Make sure all the invitations sent are creative, concise, and appealing. Building managers can also register with several recycling initiative programs like Recycle Everywhere who provides free recycling bins for your community, school, work and house. Superintendents can request collaboration with food banks like DailyBread, so excess unexpired food can be donated rather than adding to the landfill. Building managers can also implement the Toronto In-unit Recycling & Organic Program where the City provides in-unit containers.   

  • Hire volunteers

Students are always looking for an opportunity to increase hands-on experience and providing volunteering positions are a great way to do so. Hiring students as volunteers from your community instills the importance of recycling in the minds of students from a young age. Additionally, parents are motivated to partake in such events. Building owners can participate in the 3R’s Ambassador Program where the ideal goal is to have one 3R’s ambassador in every building. This provides the ambassadors with an opportunity to meet with people who are most passionate about waste management in the City. 

  • Get maximum support

A great way to propel recycling rates in your residential community is by contacting the local government and some local businesses. Brief them with your goals and share your metrics, try to get them to show their support by promoting your recycling initiatives. Residents can apply for government grants like the Waste Reduction Community Grant which offers up $25,000 focused on innovative community efforts that support residential waste management. The project must fit all the eligibility criteria in order to receive the grant. Building owners can apply for the High-Rise Retrofit Improvement Support Program (Hi-RIS). This program helps building owners take up building improvement plans that reduce water and energy consumption.

It is imperative that you communicate loud and clear! An effective recycling program can improve the economic and environmental status of your building. If you are looking for a proficient community communication platform, please check out It is an interactive platform where residents can communicate, share resources, and publicise community events.

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