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As a business owner, you’ve already debated whether working remotely was a good option for your company or not. Would your employees focus on their work? Would they be productive? Well, due to the spread of COVID-19, none of this matters anymore. Working remotely has become a matter of self-preservation and also caring about others around you. 

While your employees are adjusting to the remote workplace environment, you must be questioning yourself: how do I send clear communication to my team? How do I build and maintain a strong team culture from a distance? How do I nurture connections between my employees?  Luckily, TrustD with its innovative technology has made it possible!

Clear Communication

How many times did you make an important announcement that got lost in the conversation? How many times did you have to explain the same question to different employees? The way to solve this repetition is to use a digital discovery platform like TrustD

TrustD helps you make announcements and share knowledge through pdfs, URLs and videos to enhance learning. Everything is posted in a clear layout, easy to find and without the noise of a group chat conversation like Slack. 

Moreover, it has a powerful analytics tool that helps you to identify trends in your community, so you can provide content that is most valuable for them. 

Maybe your team has questions that you didn’t even know! Now is the time to clarify those doubts and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

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Build a strong team culture

Communication and human interaction are the foundation of positive remote workplace culture. You should encourage people to share, connect and participate in events to strengthen relationships, even if those events are virtual!

A positive workplace environment increases the retention of the workforce and attracts talent. Creating events through TrustD helps your company’s culture to grow stronger by creating a community. The platform allows business owners to create verified events and members to discover new events through the marketplace feature. 

Our Browse feature is where employees can search and find business events that are interesting to them.

Encourage connections between your employees

Do you want to increase the interaction and engagement of your team? TrustD encourages members to participate by rewarding them with badges and points. It also makes it easy for coworkers to connect, share skills and help each other. 

Users are encouraged to complete their profile by sharing the skills they have and the knowledge they are interested in acquiring. Do you need advice from a digital marketer from your team? Just check the list of members in your community and easily find the right person!

Even more, the platform is integrated with Slack and allows users to connect without logging in to the member portal.

Keep connected

To remain connected is key to a successful business. TrustD is a platform that helps you to create value for your business. It provides you with the tools to increase member engagement, network, crowdsource information through trusted sources, and quickly find events specific to your community. 

Sounds like something that will take your business to the next level? Schedule a demo and let’s connect!

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