Innovation Space & Coworking Community

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Everything you need to create value for your innovation space & coworking community

How does TrustD help create value for your innovation space and coworking community? TrustD provides you with the tools to increase member engagement by making it easy for members to share skills, crowdsource knowledge and find engaging events. Community advocates are incentivized with points and badges for participation and community leadership.

Powerful Analytics

TrustD helps you identify trends in your community, and provide members with resources and programming most valuable to them. Our powerful reporting analytics will allow you to identify your most active users, highest-viewed resources and which events perform best to help you plan for the future.

Slack Integration

Connect to your TrustD community in one easy step using Slack! Using our one-click integration, community members can post events, contribute knowledge and find help for projects directly from Slack. Members simply share the post to their TrustD community from Slack, and members will be alerted to the post!

Innovation space & coworking community tools to increase member engagement

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Skill Share

Community members connect to share skills and help their business grow

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Resource Share

Members browse posts for admin and community-curated resources

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Member Connect helps members find and connect with each other

Coworking community user types

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Admin Features

Verified Events

Create verified events for your community

Community Access

Invite members to join your trusted community

Knowledge Share

Share pdfs, URLs and videos to enhance learning

Surveys and Polls

Discover what is important to your members
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Member Features

Member Connect

Find other Coworkers who share your interests


Discover events, skill share opportunities and knowledge

Share Post

Create events, share skills and knowledge

Vendor Offers

Enjoy discounts at local vendors