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Tools to Connect your Global Community

TrustD’s global community for groups allows members to connect based on skills, share knowledge and find local startup profiles. We help by providing your members networking tools to match based on skill needs and offers, a searchable repository to store important information, and startups with profile pages to showcase their activity in your community. Members are incentivized and rewarded with points and badges for participation, and community leadership.

Slack Integration

TrustD allows users to communicate directly through Slack without logging in to the member portal. Coworkers can share knowledge and event post to TrustD from Slack and receive notifications, allowing for seamless two-way communication.

Tools to Connect your Global Community

global community

Member Connect

Members connect based on skills and needs

global community

Share Resources

Share links and pdfs easily (from WhatsApp and Slack)

global community

Startup Profiles

Companies can create profiles to connect with peers

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User Types

Administrator networking platform

Admin Features

Event Creation

Create events for your community

Member Check-in

Simplify the check-in process with QR Code scan

Community Rewards

Reward members with discount codes for event attendence

Volunteer Management

Manage sign-ups, volunteer shifts, track hours, and reward participants

Surveys and Polls

Discover what is important to your members

Knowledge Share

Share pdfs, URLs and videos from events and community partners to enhance learning
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Member Features

Member Connect

Network with members based on skills and needs

Community Knowledge

Easy access to presentation slides and other material after event

Member Rewards

Get rewarded for event attendance and community participation

Deals and Offers

Access discounts specifically curated for your community