What is TrustD.space?

TrustD.space creates trusted and verified communities where members can:

1. Post Events and Items to share with other members
2. Members can browse or search the marketplace for Events and Items others have listed
3. Chat with other members with common skills or the skills you are looking for
4. Post or search your neighbourhood for in-store and online Deals

How do I offer an Event/Item/Deal?

To list an Event/Item/Deal, click on the +Add Post option in the top left-hand corner of the main navigation menu. When your Event/Item/Deal post has been shared, it will be visible to the members of your community. You will be able to view/edit/delete your own post in the “My Post” section.

How do I request an Event/Item?

To ask the community for Event/Item they are looking for, click on the +Add Post option in the top left-hand corner of the main navigation menu.

How do I join a community?

There are three ways you can join a community:

1. Click on the verified link emailed to you by your community admin
2. Request access to the community from the “Join Community” portal on your profile page
3. Ask a friend to send you an “Invite People” to your community request from their profile page. (This feature is available only if it is enabled by the community admin)

How do I chat with other members?

Click on Coffee Connect on the left-hand side of the main navigation menu. You can find the members from your community or space with common Skills, Interest & Needs.

How do I connect to the TrustD.space team?

Learn more about us at TrustD.space: https://TrustD.space/ or email: info@TrustD.space.

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