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TrustD helps you create connected communities to share skills, exchange knowledge and earn trust

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Grand prize of $10,000 at Elevate Conference
community building hackathon win

Read about community building with TrustD in BetaKit article One year after Elevate hackathon win, StableHacks launches first product.

TrustD at The Digital for Good Hackathon

TrustD was in the Digital for Good Hackathon in Toronto from November 15-18, 2019. The event partners charities and non-profits with local tech talent to help increase their social impact. TrustD partnered with The Neighbourhood Organization (TNO) to address the challenge of increasing community resource accessibility, and streamlining the client intake process to improve service wait time.

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Communities we connect

community building coworking space

Coworkers connect to knowledge and skill share

digital bulletin board for students

Students explore events, find clubs, and share knowledge


Residents find events and meet their neighbours


Member Profiles

Members create profiles highlighting skills, interests and community participation


Search the marketplace to discover events, items and other posts

Event Creation

Admin and member events to support and enrich the community

Knowledge Share

Post knowledge such as funding information, pdfs, URLs and videos

Skill Share

Share skills with other members to help their business grow and thrive

Surveys and Polls

Participate in fun surveys to learn about community initiatives

Volunteer Management

Track volunteer hours and reward members with badges and points

Points and Badges

Earn points and badges for sharing posts and community participation

Vendor Offers

Enjoy discounts from local vendors specific to your community

How TrustD Works

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Share Post

Post an item, pdf, or URL to share with community members 

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Search Marketplace

Members browse the marketplace for items, knowledge, and advice

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Get Notifications

New alerts are sent to member’s mobile phone, desktop, tablet, or Slack.

Community building to help your members thrive and grow

TrustD facilitates community building by connecting members with each other, event creation, sharing items and knowledge exchange. We help admins and members build sustainable and vibrant communities. Members earn badges and points by sharing with their community that are redeemable at local vendors for discounts.

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921-20 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON Canada

+1 (289) 778-2958