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Build a trusted space for your community online is a digital community hub for your organization where members can share skills, knowledge and events online.

We help you build sustainable and vibrant communities!


Communities we connect online

Grow your business engagements and visibility in your local community through online networking events and creating relevant connections.


Tools to support your local business community through virtual networking events, directory listings, and facilitating B2B collaborations.

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Empower your startup community with all the tools to share skills, knowledge, resources, and create more collaboration opportunities.

How TrustD works

Event Calender

Host and attend events to support and enrich the community virtually


Network with others according to skills and interests to increase your engagement

Skill Share

Share skills with other members to help their business grow and thrive


Search our platform to discover events, people and other posts

Knowledge Share

Share resources such as funding information, pdfs, URLs and videos

Job Listings

Post job opportunities for members to view and share their connections

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